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Mother and daughter have fun together

Mothers Day

This is both an exciting joyful time and hard time for some. I want to celebrate all moms. Whether your kids are screaming while you’re reading this, you can only hold them in your heart, they’ve flown the nest, or you don’t see them everyday, I want to appreciate you.

I’m offering 20m sessions at no cost to moms. I will have an opportunity before Mothers Day and a session after incase you’re wanting to give this as a gift to a Mom in your life.

The session will be held on our property in Indian Hills (near Mt. Falcon).

I ask if you select a time, you commit or let me know quickly if you can’t make it, due to there only being a limited number of slots available.

You can bring your kids (lets be real finding childcare isn’t easy to come by for most) but this session must include Mom. I want her to see how beautiful and powerful she is.

**special extended session if there’s multigenerational moms coming**



I will not be rescheduling for weather. If you’re open to a fun wet session, I am too. Otherwise it’ll be a non-rescheduled cancellation.

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